• Wash before use and wash every two weeks with a shampoo designed for virgin hair extensions to keep the moisture and texture like new. use warm water no more than 95F.
  • Wash gently from top to end gently massaging shampoo into hair. This is very imperative as to keep hair from tangling during washing.
  • Do not comb or brush wet hair.
  • Soak up the water with a towel, apply conditioner to the hair, apply it by utilizing a diluted Way of conditioner and water. This dilution facilitates maintaining a strategic distance from any tangle or bunches. Have this arrangement sit on your hair for no less than 3 minutes, then flush your hair with warm water. Take after this flush with a cool water wash. Utilize your fingers rake them through your hair–once more to diminish tangles.
  •  Gently towel squeezes the hair but not twist. To blot the hair, you will take one fresh and dry towel on your hand, keep Squeeze the wet hair from roots to the end (one section to another section until your hair is close to dry). Do this down each segment of hair, lightly.
  •  Soak up the water with a towel, let the towel dry the hair naturally, never rub the hair.
  • Put the opened hair weft in the air and dry.
  • Avoid using shampoos with sulfate and alcohol, or with a pH balance higher than 7.